Volvodemort - The Refit

Our particular Volgren TwinDeck is built on a Volvo B10M chassis with motor and driveline suspended between and below the chassis rails. On top of this sits the coachwork — underfloor bins between the steer and drive wheels, then the “hideck” passenger seating. At the rear were two small seating areas — a very low-ceilinged upstairs, and a downstairs “lounge” (where the motor would’ve gone in a “normal” coach) with a door to the outside and stairs to the upper deck. To avoid too many nasty trippable steps the main deck starts sloping upwards about halfway along the coach, with the result that even on the main deck headroom is 20cm less at the rear than at the front.

Our coach (when we bought it) was a tidy open-plan setup based around sleeping many people on fold-out couches. The downstairs lounge had been turned into a kitchen, with the main bedroom on top. The sloping floor, stairs, and coach loo were all essentially as-was.

Originally we had intended to live with the partly reduced headroom and more-or-less confine our refit to improving the bathroom facilities; until we were told that, actually, leveling the floor “isn’t that difficult” (!). Indeed, it could be done for not much more than ~$5K (! ?).

On receiving this news the taller one of us went on a rampage...

Half demolished…

Our “motorhome” now has no floor at all for half its length (eek!), and almost nothing left of its upstairs interior except for the bedroom, couches and overhead cupboards* — now waiting for workshop space...
*not to worry - their turn will come

All quiet at Volgren Volvodemort arrives Chaos on the roads: lost in a sea of buses
Some Photomaps from released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (CC-BY-SA) licence.

About the time Volvodemort was delivered to the Volgren Service Centre it rained in Melbourne, which is a good thing in a drought. Appears some Melburnians had forgotten how to drive on wet roads and there are an incredible number of buses delivered to Volgren for repair. Volvodemort becomes lost in a forest/herd/pack/sea of bashed and battered buses. As buses are returned to service more damaged buses take their place. As you can see from the date stamps above a lot of time has past and we need to detail the progress.

Shower Screen Photos