Volvo B10M THD100 Series Engine Specifications

The THD100 and THD102 performance graphs were from their Volvo Service Manuals. The first two tables of engine data are from the Volvo THD100 and THD102 Service Manuals, the THD101 Service Manual Supplement, plus B10M Mk I, II and B58 Operator's Manuals.

Volvo THD100 series, THD100EA engine output power and torque performance graph

THD100EA performance

Volvo THD100 series, THD100EB engine output power and torque performance graph

THD100EB performance

Volvo THD100 series, THD100EC engine output power and torque performance graph

THD100EC performance

Volvo THD100 series, THD100ED engine output power and torque performance graph

THD100ED performance

Volvo THD102 series, THD102KB THD102KD THD102KD engine output power and torque performance graph

THD102 series performance

Volvo documents can give slightly different values for engine output, plus the usual conversion confusion with metric horsepower (PS). The vehicle entries are incomplete, not definitive as different engine variants are given in different publications, plus different engines would be interchangeable in service.

Engine Designation Net Output kW (hp) @rpm Vehicles
THD100DA 133 (180)2,200B10M Mk I
THD100EA 133 (180)2,200B10M Mk I
THD100EB 160 (217)2,200B10M Mk I
THD100DC 178 (242)2,200B10M Mk I
THD101GC 178 (242)2,200B10M Mk II
THD100EK 179 B10M Mk I
THD100EC 180 (245)2,200B58, B10M Mk I
THD102KF 180 (245)2,200
THD100DC 185 B10M Mk I
THD102KA 193 (262)2,050
THD101GD 201 (273)2,200B10M Mk II
THD100DD 203 (276)2,200B10M Mk I
THD100ED 203 (276)2,200B10M Mk I
THD101KB 210 (285)2,200B10M Mk II
THD102KB 210 (286)2,200
THD101KC 226 (307)2,200B10M Mk II
THD102KD 250 (340)2,200

Engine Designation Max Torque Nm @rpm Vehicles
THD100DA 6201,400B10M Mk I
THD100EA 6751,400B10M Mk I
THD100EB 8001,400B10M Mk I
THD100DC 8861,400B10M Mk I
THD101GC 8901,400B10M Mk II
THD100EC 9001,400B58
THD100DD 9401,600B10M Mk I
THD101GD 1,0401,400B10M Mk II
THD100ED 1,0501,400B10M Mk I
THD102KF 1,0501,250
THD102KA 1,0701,250
THD101KB 1,0801,400B10M Mk II
THD102KB 1,2001,250
THD101KC 1,2151,400B10M Mk II
THD102KD 1,4001,250