Volvo Technical Documentation Library

This section is a collection of scavenged technical documentation for our Volvo B10M motorhome. Like the rest of the website, it is under construction - new documents are added as they become available.


The information here is reproduced from the original Volvo B10M manuals, and is obsolete in the sense that it does not include subsequent Service Bulletins or any other revisions and corrections by Volvo. It may also contain errors from the scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processes used to convert the documents to html, since the source manuals have obviously spent many hard years in a workshop, with various pages being torn, damaged, smeared with grease, and otherwise foxed, dogged and rogered. In addition, I have no experience with any buses (except as a paying passenger), only took driving lessons in a truck to get the required heavy vehicle licence prior to the purchase of the Volvo B10M, never been a mechanic, nor had any technical training in a related motor trade. Therefore I am not an expert and any comments or information presented on this website is suspect and can not be used to maintain or repair a Volvo B10M. You have been warned....


‘Volvodemort’ is a 1985 Volvo B10M Mark I tag axle coach with Volgren (Brisbane) Twin Deck coachwork that saw service with multiple coach companies before retirement from commercial service. Given the age of Volvo B10M Mk I and II vehicles there will be a growing number retired from commercial service then converted into Motorhomes or Recreational Vehicles (RVs). The information I have gathered maybe of interest to other Volvo B10M motorhome owners. The B10M Mk I predates the World Wide Web so there is very little information available online.

Note that the current Queensland workshop assembling Volgren bodies is not the Volgren production facility that constructed the Twin Deck coaches; and the Twin Deck coach should not be confused with the Volgren Double Decker which was released in August 1986 based on the B10M Mk II chassis. To add to the potential for confusion, the Volgren Twin Deck was often simply referred to as a “Hi-deck”; though this might simply mean any coach with a raised passenger deck over underfloor bins.

Given the age of the vehicle it was no surprise that the local Volvo Spare Parts section didn't sell the factory Workshop or Operator manuals. Unfortunately on the coachwork side the Volgren (Brisbane) factory closed many years ago and I haven't been able to source any mechanical or electrical drawings through Volgren. Over the years a large number of minor modifications and changes have been incorporated to add to the confusion.

The information here is based on limited access to an incomplete Volvo B10M Mk I manual set, and so is predominantly Mk I with some Mk II and Mk III documentation to fill in gaps. Therefore the documentation here is limited and incomplete. There is a significant amount of information for B10M 2-axle and 3-axle variants but I've not looked for information specific to the articulated (arctic) B10M variant. Note: In Australia, a three-axle coach configured with steer, driven and a trailing lazy (undriven) axle located immediately behind the driven axle is commonly called a tag axle configuration. The Volvo documentation refers to the three axle B10M variant as a bogie configuration.

The Volvo B10M manuals from this era don't include copyright notices, and include the statements 'Reproduction is permitted if source is quoted', and 'We reserve the right to make modifications'. It is acknowledged that some Volvo manuals have been used as the source.