Volvo Service Bulletin 3-37-16

Wiring diagram for Volvo B10M Mk I, Dated September 1979

Note: Assumed to apply from Chassis Number 1 through to 502

Due to modifications and production changes there were a number of different wiring diagrams released for the the B10M Mk I. I can only assume this Service Bulletin applied from chassis number 1 up to the the release of Service Bulletin 3-37-18.

The table below is based upon information published in Volvo Service Bulletin 3-37-16. The Service Bulletin included the drawing 1137566 P01 for the B10M Mk I. This drawing is basically limited to symbols with component numbers and requires the component description to give meaning to the diagrams. The table below is sorted by the Component Number field and is used to interpret the component numbers on the drawings.

The letter and digit in brackets indicate the box where the component is situated. Connection points marked on the wiring diagrams with a brown arrow are intended for the bodybuilder.

Wiring diagram 1137566 P01 for B10M Mk I from Chassis No 1 through 502.
Table Sorted By Component Number
6Connector 6-unit(D2)
12Connector 12-unit(C2, D1, D2)
20Connector 37-unit(F1, G1, H1)
27Connector, body builder(D2)
32Circuit card, electrical distribution centre(F3)
33Circuit card, indicator/warning lights(A2)
37Terminal, earth connection(F2, G2)
51Fuse holder 1-unit(H3)
52Fuse holder 2-unit(G3, H1)
60Fuse holder 14-unit(F1)
100To switch, headlights(D2)
101Switch full beams and dipped beams(B1)
115Switch, instrument panel light(C1)
119Switch wiper(B1)
120Switch washer(B1)
123To switch heated rearview mirror(D2)
125Switch exhaust brake(C3)
126Switch diff.lock wheels(C3)
144To switch main circuit switch(D2)
147Switch direction indicators(B1)
149Switch horn(B1)
150Switch starter switch(B2)
151Switch, eddy-retarder(D3)
153Switch, starter heater(C2)
159Switch, bulb failure warning light(C1)
160Switch, stop engine(C2)
161Switch, cold start(C2)
175Switch, level control(C1)
176Switch, splitter gearbox(C3)
195Selector, Allison(K1)
200Break contact, warning light, parking brake(C1)
202Break contact, warning light, oil pressure(J2)
207Closing contact, indicator light, diff.lock, rear wheels(J2)
215Closing contact, warning light, tachograph(C2)
216Closing atop lights(C1)
217Closing contact reversing lights(J2)
222Closing contact warning light, temp.torque converter(J2)
223Slip contact, horn(Al)
238Closing contact thermal(H3, J2)
248Closing contact, engine compartment temp.(J2)
251Break contact, splitter gearbox(K1)
305To relay reversing lights(D1)
306Relay, full beams(E2)
307Relay, dipped beams(E2)
309Relay, parking lights(E2)
312Relay, starter heater(G3)
316Relay, solenoid, starter motor(H1)
322Relay, coolant level(E2)
323To flasher unit(D1)
325Step relay, full beams and dipped beams(E3)
328Charging regulator(H2)
331Relay, eddy-retarder(K2)
333Time relay, preheating automatic(E3)
334Relay, horn(El)
342Relay, main circuit switch(J2)
345Relay, start inhibitor(E1)
349Relay, battery charging warning light(E1)
351Relay, cold start(H1)
354Relay, starting position(E1)
383Relay, engine compartment fan(H3)
384Relay, splitter gearbox(C3)
400To bulb, full beams and dipped beams(D2)
408To bulb, parking light, left, front(D2)
409To bulb, parking light, right, front(D2)
431Bulb, instrument panel light(C2)
500Indicator light, dir. indicator, tractor(B2)
503Warning light, oil pressure, engine(B3)
504Indicator light(B2)
505Warning light, battery charging(B3)
507Warning light, foot brake(B2)
508Warning light, parking brake(B3)
512Warning light, temp. torque converter(B3)
523Warning light, tachograph(C2)
526Indicator light, eddy-retarder(B2)
528Indicator light, preheating(B3)
530Indicator light, heated rearview mirror(B2)
532Indicator light, reversing lights(B3)
540Warning light, oil level(B3)
541Warning light, gearbox temperature(B3)
542Warning light, door brake(B3)
543Warning light, lids, luggage and engine compartments(B2)
544Warning light, engine compartment temperatur(B2)
545Indicator light, STOP, bus stop(B2)
546Warning light, opening doors(B2)
547Central warning for indicator and warning lights(D1)
554Indicator light, coolant temperature(B2)
555Indicator light, coolant level(B3)
601Solenoid valve, differential lock, rear wheels(K1)
603Solenoid valve, engine stop(K1)
629Solenoid valve, cold start(K1)
642Solenoid valve, splitter gearbox(K1)
643Solenoid valve, level control(K2)
650To windscreen wiper motor(D1)
651To windscreen washer motor(D1)
654Starter motor(H3)
660Alternator with charging regulator(H3)
665Engine comportment fan(H3)
704Pressure gauge, air(C1)
707Fuel gauge(C1)
753Engine, speed sender(J1)
756Temperature sender, coolant(J1)
757Fuel gauge sender(J1)
758Gearbox, speed sender(J1)
759To level indicator, coolant(D2)
762Oil temperature, sender, gearbox(J1, J2)
800Starter heater(F3)
807Eddy retarder control(D3)
810Electrically heated air dryer(J2)
850To horn(D1)
950Electric coils, eddy-retarder(J2)
1002Cable harness, tachograph(C2)
1014Cable harness, ignition switch(B2)
1031Cable harness, automatic transmission(K1)
1035Cable harness, diff.lock(C3)
1039Cable harness, overdrive(C3)
1052Cable 't rness, dashboard-el.distr.centre(D1)
1053Cable harness,