Volvo Service Bulletin 3-37-24

Wiring diagram for Volvo B10M Mk I, Dated November 1982

Note: Assumed to apply from Chassis Number 4854 through to 8029

Due to modifications and production changes there were a number of different wiring diagrams released for the the B10M Mk I. I can only assume this Service Bulletin applied from chassis number 4854 up to the the release of Service Bulletin 3-37-26.

The table below is based upon information published in Volvo Service Bulletin 3-37-24. The Service Bulletin included the drawing 1193990 P01 for the B10M Mk I. This drawing is basically limited to symbols with component numbers and requires the component description to give meaning to the diagrams. The table below is sorted by the Component Number field and is used to interpret the component numbers on the drawings.

The letter and digit in Location field indicate the box on the diagram where the component is situated. Connection points marked on the wiring diagrams with a brown arrow are intended for the bodybuilder.

Wiring diagram 1193990 P01 for B10M Mk I from Chassis No 4854 through 8029.
Table Sorted By Component Number
Number Description Location
4Connector, 4-unit
6Connector, 6-unit
8Connector, 8-unit
12Connector, 12-unit
20Connector, 37-unit
32Circuit card, el. distribution centreA6
33Circuit card, indicator lampsA10, B11
37Terminal, earth conn.B4, A4, A5, B6, B8
53Fuseholder, 3-unitA4
54Fuseholder, 4-unitB5
60Fuseholder, 14-unitC6
85Support rod, start aid, 2-unitA5
101Switch, fullbeams and dipped beamsC10
115Switch, instrument lightingC9
119Switch, windscreen wipersC10
120Switch, windscreen washersC10
125Switch, exhaust brakeA9
126Switch, diff. lock wheels, rearB8
144Switch, battery master switchA4, B12
147Switch, direction indicatorsC10
149Switch, hornC10
150Switch, starting switchB10
151Switch, el. retarderA8
153Switch, automatic preheaterB9
159Switch, bulb checkC9
160Switch, stop engineB9
161Switch, cold startB9
175Switch, level controlC9
176Switch, overdrive (split)B8
180Switch, emergency switchC8
181Switch, reset jackknife brake (p-brake)B1
200Brake contact, warning lamp, parking brakeC9
202Brake contact, warning lamp, oil pressureB3
207Closing contact, indicator lamp diff. lock wheels rearA3
215Closing contact, warning lamp, tachographA9
216Closing contact, brake lightsC9
217Closing contact, reversing lightsA3
221Closing contact, jackknife warnerC1
223Slip contact, hornC11
233Closing contact, warning lamp, coolantB12
238Closing contact, thermalB3
248Closing contact, engine comp. temp.B3
251Brake contact, splitter gearC2
256Closing contact, jackknife release (p-brake)Cl
260Closing contact, tyre puncture warnerB1
306Relay, fullbeamsB7
307Relay, dipped beamsB7
309Relay, parking lightsB7
312Relay, starting heaterA5
316Relay, control magnet, starter motorC4
322Relay, coolant levelB7
325Step relay, fullbeams and dipped beamsA7
328Charging regulatorB4
330Relay, windscreen wipersA6-B6
331Relay, el. retarderB2
333Time relay, automatic preheaterA7
334Relay, hornB7
342Relay, battery master switchB4
345Relay, start inhibitorC7
349Relay, battery charging warning lampC7
351Relay, cold startB4
354Relay, start positionC7
361Relay, operation of battery master switchC4
383Relay, engine comp. fanC4
384Relay, splitter gearB8
391Relay, emergency switchB6
392Relay, jackknife warnerB1
393Relay, re-set jackknife brake (p-brake)B1
500Indicator lamp, direction indicator, tractorB10
503Warning lamp, oil pressure, engineA10
504Indicator lamp, fu11beamsB10
505Warning lamp, battery chargingA10
507Warning lamp, service brakesB10
508Warning lamp, parking brakeA10
512Warning lamp, temp. torque converterA10
523Warning lamp, tachographB9
526Indicator lamp, el. retarderB10
528Indicator lamp, starting heaterA10
530Indicator lamp, rear view mirror heatingB10
532Indicator lamp, reversing lightsA10
540Warning lamp, oil levelA10
541Warning lamp, gearbox temp.A10
542Warning lamp, door brakeA10
543Warning lamp, lids, luggage and engine comp.B10
544Warning lamp, engine comp. temp.B10
545Indicator lamp, stop, bus stopB10
546Warning lamp, doors openingB10
547Central warning for indicator and warning lampsC8
554Warning lamp, coolant, temp.B10
555Warning lamp, coolant, levelA10
558Indicator lamp, jackknife warnerB1
601Solenoid valve, diff. lock wheels rearC2
603Solenoid valve, engine stopC2
629Solenoid valve, cold startC2
642Solenoid valve, overdrive (split)C3
643Solenoid valve, level controlB2
647Solenoid valve, jackknife brake (p-brake)releaseC1
654Starter motorA4
655Alternator 60A/80AA4
660Alternator with charging regulator 120AA4
665Engine comp. fanB3
701TachographB9, A9
703Rev counterC9
704Air pressure gaugeB9, A1
707Fuel gaugeC9
753Speed sender, engineC3, C1
756Temperature sender, coolantC3
757Fuel level senderC3
758Speed sender, gearbox (no tachograph)C3
758Speed sender, gearbox (with el. tachograph)B3
762Oil temp. sender, gearboxC3, C8
763Level sender, oilB3
800Starting heaterA5
807El. retarder controlA8
810El. heated air dryerB2
903DiodeC5, B6, A8
950El. coils, el. retarderB3
1000Cable harness, instrumentsB4, C8, C10
1002Cable harness, tachographB9
1011Cable harness, direction indicatorsC11
1012Cable harness, windscreen wipersC11
1014Cable harness, starting switchC11
1030Cable harness, engineC4
1033Cable harness el. retarderA8
1035Cable harness, diff. lockB8
1039Cable harness, overdriveB8
1040Cable harness, frameC5
1052Cable harness, dashboard-el. distr. centreC7
1053Cable harness, el. boxC5